Colombia Challenge your Knowledge
::: Colombia: A Great Place to Learn Spanish

Colombians speak a very particular style of Spanish language, distinguishable from other Latin American countries, partly because of our history. Many of the colonizers who came to our country spoke Spanish in a very straightforward and paused way, with a neutral accent.  The Spanish spoken by Colombians, therefore, has evolved to be clear and easy for foreigners to understand. Children are brought up to speak proper Spanish, making us more aware of our language, which is elegant and eloquent. Since we are aware of our language, we can correct our own and other’s mistakes. We tend to speak a more standard style of Spanish, with less slang, and rich expressions.

Why learn Spanish?

  • Spanish is essential in the fields of business, science and technology.
  • It is the second most widely spoken language for international communication worldwide.
  • It is the official language of 21 nations; there are nearly 350 million native speakers.
  • It is important because of the cultural diversity in Latin American arts, music and architecture.
  • It is important because of the growth of Latin America as a worldwide trading partner.