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::: UTB and Colciencias development an interesting program

Just as the wind, the programa Ondas of Colciencias blowing through the promotion of civic and democratic culture in children (6-12 years) and Colombian youth by means of research and teaching strategy. Thus, the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar in her campus encompassed 110 students and 54 faculties in the Encuentro Regional: Yo amo la ciencia as a wave to resonate their experiences, research projects and workshops (astronomy, chemistry, physics, biodiversity, talent and innovation) being an opportunity for dialogue, reflection, the sense of wonder and teamwork.

The Deputy Director of Colciencias, Alejandro Olaya said: "What we need is the ability to go beyond the expected behavior, it´s to have critical curiosity of the subject without which the invention and reinvention of things hinder. What we need is the challenge to the creativity and curiosity that characterizes us as human beings and not leave them alone or almost, or, worse, make it difficult to exercise with an educational practice that inhibits".

It is pertinent to note that this event, held at the Department of Cartagena linked to young researchers in the country is a competition to select the best applications projects, which represent not only a university, if not all the thousands of heart dragged by that wave internationally.


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